Imposter Thoughts

I had just thought of this today, but, maybe if you feel as though you have “imposter syndrome” perhaps you are one.
Don’t misunderstand, that is not to be a slanderous thing. I, however, was just thinking that perhaps the feelings of inadequacy, and that one does not belong, are perhaps signs, instead of hurdles. Perhaps you are truly not meant for the path you have been putting yourself upon. Maybe ones apptitude lies in a different place.
The problem starts when one forces themselves into something, they make the problem of it not fitting themselves into a problem. However, what if it doesnt have to be a problem? What if the thing you’re trying to do isn’t for you, and that was. . .ok?
The world has been created to be upon such a track, that if someone doesn’t fit into the first allotted career goal, they are worried of the casade of future issues that that would cause themself. Many are taught that an undergraduate degree is A) their ticket to success and B) the decision that dictates the rest of their life/career path. When one does not feel completely fullfilled in a situation that had been inculcated into them from a young age as the end goal/thing that will solve lifes problem, the least suprising thing to happen would be a schism/feeling of incongruence.
That feeling, however, is one to be examed instead of stuffed down and ignored. There is always a chance it is irrational, that one is truly meant for their career choice, that they may just truly care; that they feel and live in the pressure of doing something one enjoys and wanting to do it to the best of ones abilities. However, there is a possibility that being cajoled into a life decision early has taken an adverse turn, or that it is generally time for a rexamination and shift in ‘lifes journey’.


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