Missteps to the Battlefield

The enemies surround me
I see them on all sides
The descended shadows, but a memory
The flames though, still burn

When one has not realized the change of state
Leads one to,
Exacting, disasterous, inhibition

Do not let your guard down around the barbarians
They will always collude
An ally in the ranks is a hope
An envoy from the battlefield

Do not neglet his position
As he has staked himself out for you
Remember him, as he slides back to the fold
And always keep an eye for the gracious barbarian



Fuck your reputation
Thank you for giving me that
The realization
I don’t care
That the eyes
They can see
And if they cannot
They are blind anyway
So let them talk
Of the spectres surrounding them
They haven’t the spirit
Of the apparition
And that is no sully
Of the name of the commons
In everyday lived
There needs an object of attention
But now I am lucky
I have had the experience
Of seeing acceptance
And rejecting it swiftly