Missteps to the Battlefield

The enemies surround me
I see them on all sides
The descended shadows, but a memory
The flames though, still burn

When one has not realized the change of state
Leads one to,
Exacting, disasterous, inhibition

Do not let your guard down around the barbarians
They will always collude
An ally in the ranks is a hope
An envoy from the battlefield

Do not neglet his position
As he has staked himself out for you
Remember him, as he slides back to the fold
And always keep an eye for the gracious barbarian


I am Confused

Confused with myself
I am one in many relationships
One node in the connection
The central one in which all of these strings extend
This is my bullet focus
But in focusing on external relations
Do I lose
The paramount, the internation relation
The way in which I extend myself into the world
Anchored in relations
I need to detether
To occupy more of my time
With myself
And the routes in which I may achieve
The true centrality signified by the node