Delicious love of self
Drown like a fine wine
Find the freedom of the sky
The road presents itself while traveling
No need to look for it
Believing in the journey
The destination will always be one of delight


Behind me,
I look behind
And I see, as always
My home; of course, my home

I look toward adventure
But, of course, I know
Adventure is exhilarating
Home is comfort

And, though I do enjoy
The travels and travails
I always begin
To miss familiarity

Willed Victory

A beautiful pain
More of a triumph
I find myself through the impasse
My foresight,
I have been rewarded for heeding it
I saw myself
As the weakness I was soon to rid
I knew myself in the moment I needed to
So I acted
In the best and only way I knew how
This too shall pass